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Pretty in Pink

My passion for pink has really excelled itself this month with new additions to my Pastel Collection and pretty pink-themed parties to supply. At last people are beginning to pop their heads up like inquisitive meerkats awoken from a long, sleepy hibernation. Rubbing their eyes and wondering at the glory of what the summer can behold now that lockdown has finally been eased and we tip-toe out into the light. Thoughts are turning to family gatherings and long afternoons sipping champagne from crystal coupes and enjoying afternoon teas picnic-style in their gorgeous flower-laden gardens. So many of my clients are happy to be self sufficient with their food and are choosing to go homemade - just adding my stunning crockery to the mix for a vintage inspired setting. Bunting and embroidered tablecloths have also been a popular addition, for that village-fete feel of yesteryear. With still so much of the summer to enjoy, there is still plenty of time to plan something special and delightful, to ensure Summer 2020 is not just remembered for the virus, but for the appreciation of living in the now and making the most of what we have around us and next to us. It's time to do some catching up with the good times and celebrating with family and friends is always certain to delight!

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